Chrysalys is dedicated to creating a sustainable and healthy environment for all global citizens. Our vision is to empower artists by promoting art as a means of healing the planet.

Solving the climate crisis promotes social justice and equality, and unlocks new opportunities for all. By addressing climate change, we can create a future that is fair and just for everyone.

10% of Chrysalys sales go directly to the Earthtopia Fund for Green Justice, an endowment split evenly among fifteen environmental foundations, climate science non-profits, and green aid agencies that align with our values.

Meet the team



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Marina Virijevic is an experienced Project Manager with a distinguished international career in project and business management.Her expertise spans social justice, human rights, entrepreneurship, and developmental aid. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with major international stakeholders, including the European Union, USAID, the European Commission, and the Council of Europe, among others. Her strong organizational, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are vital to our team’s success, ensuring the smooth execution of our operational tasks.



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Robyn Carter writes fiction, scripts, and web content. Her work has appeared in Conjunctions, Ninth Letter, West Branch, Colorado Review, Playboy, and various websites. She is a two-time winner of the San Francisco WritersCorps Teaching Artist in Residence grant award. When she is not writing, she teaches writing to kids and prisoners. Robyn is the owner-operator of a fictional small business called A Toy Store Not a Real Store.

Imran Noor


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Imran Noor’s experience in graphic design, animation, and motion graphics makes him an invaluable player on the team. He is proficient in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe premier Pro, Adobe Illustrator as well as Adobe Audition.



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Jono Williamson is a seasoned consultant with over a decade of experience, having collaborated with tech companies in Silicon Valley and advised Evangeline Records, an indie record label. Specializing in CRM, Supply Chain solutions, AI, and Machine Learning, he boasts a proven track record of strategic success with enterprise clients like Apple, JP Morgan, and Credit Suisse. Jono’s unique blend of technical skills and creative strategic vision makes him an invaluable advisor, particularly well-suited to offer insightful guidance to art-focused startups and ventures in the creative industry aiming to drive innovation and success.



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David Ethridge is a distinguished curator and gallery owner from Denver, Colorado. With a career spanning over three decades in the art industry, David’s expertise has shaped his roles as the esteemed director of Gallery 1261 and the co-owner and curator of the celebrated Abend Gallery. His dedication and discerning eye have made significant contributions to the art community since 1992.



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David is a self taught artist and serial entrepreneur. He believes that the art world takes itself too seriously. He also believes we need to change that.