Chrysalys is dedicated to creating a sustainable and healthy environment for all global citizens. Our vision is to empower artists by promoting art as a means of healing the planet.

Solving the climate crisis promotes social justice and equality, and unlocks new opportunities for all. By addressing climate change, we can create a future that is fair and just for everyone.

10% of Chrysalys sales go directly to the Earthtopia Fund for Green Justice, an endowment split evenly among fifteen environmental foundations, climate science non-profits, and green aid agencies that align with our values.


Above & Below: This series celebrates the natural world. The ethereal earth and jewel tones that dominate prints in this series breathe vitality and whimsy into the spaces that surround them.

Abstract: Make a bold statement with color, form, and texture. Available in a variety of palettes and moods, a print from our Abstract series brings new and dynamic energy to your space.

Art of Insomnius: Climate crisis themes surface in the post-apocalyptic wastelands that characterize this series. Look to its layered landscapes for a unique set of on-ramps to introspection and contemplation. Insomnius asks viewers to question what they see, what they don’t see, and why.


Brushed Aluminum: Through a process of unidirectional polishing, brushed aluminum substrates feature a silvery glow, especially pronounced in a print’s white or light-colored areas. An edgy choice for mavericks and trendsetters.

Acrylic: Acrylic’s sleek luminosity and depth brings a contemporary look to your space.

Wood: Each piece of wood is unique. Grain and pattern are never the same. If you’re going for shabby chic or rustic, choose wood.