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There is nothing more drenched in unlimited possibility than this moment.


And it’s gone.


As a self taught artist, I struggle with the moment. And commit to remain ever vigilant of its power and potential. Reality is and will continue to be defined by each and every individual’s lens. As an artist, my lens is ever shifting, as inspiration is a wily beast, impossible to tame. I discover inspiration in the “strange”, from exotic plants to the natural decay of metal to the grit of concrete walls and untilled earth. But I find nothing more intoxicating than animals. The intensity of their eyes. The intricacy of their various textures and skins. Their vibrant colors and the authenticity of their behavior. And in their authenticity, I find them hypnotic.


All of this informs my work.


My process is visceral. Rather than sketching prior to creating, I work without a concrete plan, exploring with either the germ of an idea or entirely in the unknown. This is a blessing and a curse. When blocked, it feels as though I’m stuck in an antechamber, drifting further from the finished piece. Consequently, until completed, each work is a puzzle. And when work flows there is discovery which on some occasions yields solution.